Juuuuust a little obsessed with Jane Austen. 😉

@riseupcoffee seriously has the coolest cafe! #riseup #onemorepicture

Ended our day with a tea from @riseupcoffee’s drive thru shop. Delicious! #riseup

Blueberry, mango and watermelon froyo with pineapple, blackberries and mochi. YUM!! (Why aren’t there any froyo places in Dover? We’re slow.) #froyo

Window seat at The BBQ Joint.

This place right here. The food was great! Glad D picked it! :)


@riseupcoffee It was worth the hr drive to stop in today. #riseupcoffee

Love the artwork in here! #riseupcoffee

My Coffee Smoothie goodness and Dustin’s coffee. #riseupcoffee

First time at @riseupcoffee in Easton today and loved it! Great atmosphere and of course, the coffee smoothie was sooo good! #riseupcoffee #caffeinin





Sarah & Nathan - Springfield, MO | Christian Gideon Photography

This is my dream dress.

I love the idea of a *somewhat* casual wedding. I don’t need extravagant things, tons of people surrounding me that I don’t know, and an overwhelming amount of glitter, decor, flowers, etc. I just need me and my man and someone to unite us, and to be surrounded by my closest friends and family.


amberlylou - This is lovely!


Too legit to quit (via 2013yearoflettering)

You know it.

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"I know that you will love me till my eyes do close, you’re what I love the most." ❤️