This. 💗 (my day 10) #100happydays #cmc100happydays

I hate feeling lonely.
It makes me anxious and it’s not like I needed that this week. I’ve been anxious from the moment I wake up to the time I go to sleep, everyday. Ugh.

Go away, anxiety.


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The hubby won a VIP tour to our local brewery, Dogfish Head. Loved it! Especially since we got to see other things on this tour that you don’t see on the scheduled ones. Took a few friends along with us and headed to the brewpub afterwards for a yummy lunch! 

Namaste. (sooo good!) #offcentered #dogfish

#offcentered #dogfish #ralphwaldoemerson

Oh you know. Just a VIP tour at Dogfish Head. #dogfish

Gorgeous morning!

I love rain at night. (day eight) #100happydays #cmc100happydays

How cute are these shoes?!

Sunroof open at night. Yes. (day seven) #100happydays #cmc100happydays



The Philadelphia Phillies used children’s drawings of the starting lineup on the scoreboard in place of their official photos. [deadspin]


Aww! I love these! 

Breathing Underwater by Metric on Spotify

Is this my life
ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh
am I breathing underwater…

Relaxing in the sun with some music and a strawberry, raspberry & blueberry infused water.

This happened during a lunch out today. That’s Cher. Drag Queen and fabulous style. #amazing #bestlunchever #ificouldturnbacktime