That one time

I attempted sleep three or four times and still manage to lay in bed awake.

it’s now 3:56a and my toddler will be awake in roughly 5 or 6 hrs. that wouldn’t be a problem if I could fall asleep ASAP. such is the life of someone with chronic insomnia.

= love.

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Don’t let my mental illness fool you like it tricks me: it takes optimism, courage and self-confidence to continue living when the illness insists on pessimism, fear and self-doubt.
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Colors Part 2 - YELLOW (by pocky poki poki)

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Triple exposure.

Tiny painted toes. ☺️


morning at the united by blue coffeehouse | kelly smith photography

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My night > yours

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If you care about the feelings of your overweight friends, please consider avoiding the following things:


  • Saying things like “You were so skinny!” when looking at an old picture of them.
  • Exclaiming how large their clothes are, especially if they lend you something to wear.
  • Disparaging “love handles,” “muffin tops,” and “chub rub,” or glorifying thigh gaps in their presence (or just in general).